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Advertising Policy

IJOID's content and editorial decisions are independent and will not be influenced by sponsorships or advertisements.
Advertisements are only allowed on the inside front and back cover.
They are not labeled or linked to any particular manuscript.
No advertisements are allowed within an article.
Advertisements specific to a manuscript are not accepted.

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (IJOID), founded in 2019, continuation of Revista Clínica de Periodoncia, Implantología y Rehabilitación Oral (PIRO), is the official body of scientific expression of the Chilean Society of Periodontology (, Chilean Society of Oral Implantology (, Chilean Society of Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation (, Chilean Society of Pediatric Dentistry ( and Chilean Society of Orthodontics ( In addition, since 2011, it is the official organ of the Ibero Pan American Periodontology Federation ( and since 2012, of the Ibero Latin American Association of Oral Rehabilitation (AILARO).