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Aims and Scope

The aim of the International Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry is to provide a platform for the exchange of scientific and clinical progress in the field of periodontology, implantology, rehabilitation, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry, and to do so at the highest possible level. The Journal also aims to facilitate the application of new scientific knowledge to the daily practice of the concerned disciplines and addresses both practicing clinicians and members of the academic community.

Dentistry, Public Health, Clinical Case, Oral Diseases, Medicine, Epidemiology

International Journal of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (IJOID), founded in 2019, continuation of Revista Clínica de Periodoncia, Implantología y Rehabilitación Oral (PIRO), is the official body of scientific expression of the Chilean Society of Periodontology (, Chilean Society of Oral Implantology (, Chilean Society of Prosthetics and Oral Rehabilitation (, Chilean Society of Pediatric Dentistry ( and Chilean Society of Orthodontics ( In addition, since 2011, it is the official organ of the Ibero Pan American Periodontology Federation ( and since 2012, of the Ibero Latin American Association of Oral Rehabilitation (AILARO).