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Int. J. Inter. Dent

Vol.13. Issue 2 . August 2020

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Resúmenes Epistemonikos: una nueva herramienta confiable, amigable y actualizada de evidencia en salud

Francisca Verdugo-Paiva, Julio Villanueva
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 51, 2020
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The pandemic and dental research in Chile.

Cartes-Velásquez, Ricardo
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 56, 2020

The pediatric dentist of the future for post COVID-19 times.

Pérez, Vidal; Díaz, Jaime; Rojas, Sandra; Onetto, Juan Eduardo
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 57-58, 2020.


Perceptions of rehabilitated patients with fixed partial dentures as to the temporary restoration

dos Santos, Otavio Marino; Zavanelli, Adriana Cristina
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 59-61, 2020.

Oral health care in early childhood: mother’s perspective-a qualitative research.

Humeres-Flores, Paulina; Guzmán-Orellana, Daniela; Madrid-Canales, Carla; Fredes-Ziliani, Amanda; Mustakis-Truffello, Alexandra
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 62-66, 2020.

Creation of a survey to describe the antibiotic prescription habits of dentists in Chile.

Hanisch-Cerda, Florencia; Quintero-Harvey, Antonio
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 67-70, 2020.

Dimensions of facial bone ridge in maxillary incisors with immediate implants indication. A cross-sectional study and treatment plan implications.

Sierra-Rebolledo, Alejandro; Jimenez-Tortolero, Rogelio
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 71-75, 2020.

Incidence of surgical and prosthetic complications in total edentulous patients rehabilitated by the All-on-Four® technique: a retrospective study.

Lemos-Gulinelli, Jessica; Pavani, Rodrigo; Nary-Filho, Hugo; Alves-Pesqueira, Aldieres; Pessoa, João; Santos, Pâmela Leticia
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 76-79, 2020.


Training effect of the masticatory muscles in the development of the vertical facial pattern in children: narrative review.

Vial, Catalina; Rojas, Victor; Zursiedel, Maria Ignacia; Carmash, Constanza; Macherone, Catalina; Manns, Arturo
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 80-83, 2020.

Microsurgical Alternatives (Nerve Autografts / Nerve Allografts/ Nerve Ducts) for Functional Sensory Recovery of the Lower Alveolar Nerve and Lingual Nerve: Review of the Literature.

Riquelme-Medel, Edgard; Muñoz-Roldán, Alfonso; Badilla-Monasterio, Rodrigo
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 84-87, 2020.

Synopsis or the Oral Health Situation in Chile - Part II: Oral Health Surveys.

Morales, Alicia; Jara, Gisela; Werlinger, Fabiola; Cabello, Rodrigo; Espinoza, Iris; Giacaman, Rodrigo; Lee, Ximena; Carvajal, Paola; Arteaga, Oscar; Cavalla, Franco; Corral, Camila; Baeza, Mauricio; Rodríguez, Gonzalo; León, Soraya; Gambetta, Karla; Gamonal, Jorge
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 88-94, 2020.


Fluid giomers in the elimination of sensitivity in permanent molar affected by Molar Incisor Hypomineralization (HIM). Case report.

Arce-Izaguirre, Mariella; Torres-Ramos, Gilmer; Alvino-Vales, María; Barzola-Loayza, Marya
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 95-98, 2020.

Use of dermal matrices to change gingival phenotypes.

Rojas, Javier; Righesso, Leonardo; Rojas, Leticia
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 99-101, 2020

Aesthetic rehabilitation assisted by digital smile design for dentofacial asymmetries: Case report.

Olivares, Jose Manuel; Pfeil, Nicole; Sirhan, María-Ignacia; Madariaga, Alejandro
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 102-104, 2020


Transconjunctival versus subciliary approach for the treatment of orbital fractures.

Vargas-Buratovic, Juan Pablo; Uribe-Monasterio, Macarena; Ortuño-Borroto, Duniel; Verdugo-Paiva, Francisca; Pinedo-Henríquez, Francisco Javier
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 105-109, 2020

One miniplate or two mini plates in the fixation of favorable and isolated mandibular angle fractures.

Cuéllar, Javier; Dallaserra, Matías; Verdugo-Paiva, Francisca; Villanueva, Julio
Int. J. Inter. Dent Vol. 13(2); 110-114, 2020

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